Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Worried About Nothing

The Dr at the Huntsman Center called me back on Monday this week. He said his pathologist looked at the biopsy slides and everything is normal. It's what they call a collision mole. Pretty much it's just a mole that is on top of another mole. So that's why the biopsy came back abnormal. So everything is fine. I decided I needed to find another dermatologist because the one I have now freaked me out for no reason. I know she was just covering her bases but the way she told me I had to go to a specialist was not good. She needed to explain to me that she thinks it's probably nothing but just to be safe. Instead of saying you need to go to the huntsman cancer center in salt lake, they'll call you to schedule your appointment bye. Then make me panic for 2 weeks. Its all about communication. :)

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